The Dangerous Truth About Wine Mom Culture with Jenna Dillulio


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It’s no secret that I love my wine. I love sitting down with Darren at the end of the day and having a drink by the fire and connecting and chatting. I love going out for wine with my girlfriends and letting loose.

I love my Wine Wednesdays in my membership The Exclusive Stepmom Community where I have a live call with stepmoms from all over… it’s like a virtual stepmom’s night in.

Wine has been apart of my brand and my social life and just something I love…  for a long time.

For me wine symbolizes connection, friendships, and relaxation.

But I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately.

The intention for me for using wine in my content and well, just having wine in general comes down to connection, and feeling safe and relaxed.

Now, I’m not saying I can’t connect, feel safe and relax withou wine – I just like to have a glass of wine and chill. It’s relaxing.

But I know that personally, I have a healthy relationship with alcohol.

That’s not the case for everyone.

I may joke here and there that “it’s been a day, I need a glass of wine” but if I didn’t have the glass of wine I’d still be okay.

There have been a few occasions on social media where followers have reached out and said “I cringe every time you talk about wine in your content” or “I love your messaging but you lose me when you talk about wine”.

My reaction has always been – well everyone is not for everyone… go follow someone else then.

Basically I was like, you need to lighten up.


Then I came across Jenna Dillulio  on Instagram and she made think differently about the whole “mom wine culture”

She is an up and coming content creator, does online make up tutorials… and is very open about her journey with addiction and recovery.

On her platform she’s really passionate about opening up the conversation about addition, recovery, our relationship with alcohol in our society and most importantly why the “mom wine culture” is so dangerous.

Jenna has really changed the way that I think about alcohol, my content and the wine mom culture.

Specifically all the Tik Toks and mommy needs wine memes… which previously have made me laugh!


I still love my wine. When I think about wine I still think about connection and winding down… but Jenna has really opened my eyes to how the mom wine content on the internet has taken it too far.

I’m really excited to share this conversation with you. And if you are like I was even 6 months ago, and are rolling your eyes at this… and even thinking about turning it off… I encourage you to listen to this episode with an open mind.

It is such an important conversation… and something we all need to become aware of.

If it resonates with you, or you have some ha ha moments… share it with someone who you think needs to hear it or share it out on your social media and tagging both Jenna and myself (and The KICK-ASS Stepmom Podcast!)

I really want to support Jenna in her mission to educate people and change the conversation around addiction and alcohol abuse.

Let’s dive in.



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If you’re struggling with addiction:



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