Recovering From Infidelity with Jaclyn Shaw


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This week on the podcast, we’re diving into a topic that is REAL for so many and one that is also accompanied with a lot of shame and embarrassment.

My good friend Jaclyn Shaw is on the show to talk about her experience with infidelity in her marriage.

Jak is a wildly passionate Soulpreneur + Manifesting Queen, who gave up living in one place to explore the world (okay, mostly beaches) with her young family. She is known for her real AF approach to life and biz, and for sharing hard truths – like her husband’s affair, and her healing journey from victim to goddess.

Jaclyn believes that EVERY SINGLE WOMAN gets to choose the next part of her story. And that EVERY SINGLE WOMAN has her own unique life path. We aren’t designed to do life, biz, marriage, or motherhood the same.

 Jak is an expert at leading woman to boldly step into their fears, to strip away the “shoulds” and unapologetically own who they are so that they can break through the self-sabotaging behaviours and patterns that are keeping them stuck.

 She guides women to elevate in their relationships via 1:1 coaching and in her signature group program ‘INFIDELITY’.

She is also the co-founder of FEMME and co-host of the Spiritual Smackdown Podcast where she provides Biz + Soul Coaching for wild women ready to rise.

Now even if you haven’t experienced this first hand, you’re going to get something out of this episodes. We dive into owning where you’re at and the role you play in the dynamic of your relationship, how your childhood beliefs creep into your marriages and relationships as an adult, forgiveness and what that really means, following your gut, doing the work on yourself, and the secrets to a successful marriage.

I have to say I went into this conversation with one perspective on infidelity and forgiveness and left with another.

I hope it’s the same eye opening conversation for you.

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