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Top Podcast Episodes For Stepmoms Who Want To Thrive


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Top Podcast Episodes For Stepmoms Who Want Tips, Support, Strategies and Real Talk About Stepfamily Life

At the time of writing this post, It’s CORONA TIME. We’re all social isolating and spending all our time at home.Personally I’ve been diving into podcasts, books and doing some major reflecting (surprise, surprise) As isolating as it feels to be stuck at home indefinitely, there is a silver lining here.

Personally, I know I asked for this.

I wished for more downtime, for less responsibility, for more time to read, journal and spend time with family.

WELL… that’s what we’ve got!

So many stepmoms who follow this page are struggling in one way or another. Whether it be finding your place in your family, dealing with the ex, having an ours baby or coping with all the extra stressors – being a stepmom is no easy feat.

The problems is, most stepmoms don’t realize that they aren’t alone in how they feel. Why? Because no one talks about it.

While moms are encouraged to keep it real, stepmoms are supposed to keep their mouths shut – because we knew what we were getting into when we arrived a man with kids an and ex. (for the record, I was being sarcastic)

To be clear:
You’re not alone
Being a stepmom IS hard
It’s NORMAL to feel like everything is outside of your control
Everything IS more complicated

That being said, it is possible to live a KICK-ASS Life amongst the extra stressors that come with being a stepmom. I’m here to open up the conversation and show you how.

If you’re taking this time to reflect and think about ways to improve your stepfamily life, I’ve linked my top 10 Podcast Episodes for Stepmoms below.

Dive in and be sure to report back and let me know what you think!

All episodes are available on Spotify iTunes and Google Play



081 Hey Stepmom, You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know With Brenda Ockun Publisher of Stepmom Magazine

089 Stop Dwelling on the Ex with Mary T Kelly

094: Healing My Childhood Trauma with Jamie Scrimgeour

095: Overcoming Stepmom Insecurity With Vulnerability with Kit Rich

029: How to Deal With Parental Alienation with Family Lawyer and Divorce Coach Leanne Townsend

051 A Gay Husband and A High Conflict Ex

024: How To Keep The Ex From Impacting Your Marriage

021: Co-Parenting With A Narcissist with Naja Hall

014: How To Deal With A High Conflict Ex with Naja Hall

026: Why Being The Second Wife Is Actually A Good Thing

013: Our Marriage And how We Fight

004: Having An Ours Baby

003: Blended Families + Finances

001 What The First Year Of Our Marriage Was Really Like

PS If you’re looking for more next level conversations about stepfamily life, be sure to check out The Exclusive Stepmom Community. Raw, real off the cuff conversations with stepmoms who not only get it, but who have been there!

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