My Husband Asks What Turns Me On, Here’s What I Said


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A few weeks ago, my husband asked what turns me on (insert awkward pause). Yes that’s right. He asked me what turns me on…

Relax, this blog post isn’t about to make you feel funny. It’s not going in that direction at all.

To be honest, we were talking about how busy things have been, and how lately we haven’t had much time to spend with each other. With all the craziness going on, I told him I felt a little disconnect. So he asked, what other than date nights and time alone, makes me feel connected to him.

I’m not sure I even answered the question (the conversation made me feel a little funny myself) but over the past few weeks I’ve been answering in my head… and taking note.

The funny thing is, I’m pretty sure that my answer to the question “What turns you on” is WAY different from what he expects it would be.

So honey, after much thought, I’m ready to answer your question. Here is what turns me on….

Although seeing you in a  towel when you get out of the shower, or looking at your rump in a nice pair of jeans, totally gets my attention, the “turn ons” come from a whole other part of our life. A part that doesn’t take place behind closed doors!

Yes that’s right, it happens out in the open… even right in front of the kids!

 * After dinner when you look at me and say, “don’t worry, I’ll get the dishes” –That turns me on! 

* When you come in the house after I’ve had a long day with the baby, and say, “here let me take her, you go have a bath, you’ve had a long week” – That makes me want to jump your bones!

* When I come home from running errands and the dishes are done, the kids are fed and in bed and the counters are wiped – You are so hot I can barely control myself! 

* When I come out of the house in the morning to see that all the snow has been wiped off my car  – Baby, that’s what I like…

* When you offer to unload the countless bags of groceries from my truck – that’s the spot, keeping doing that

* When I go into the washroom and see that you’ve put the toilet paper roll ON the actual toilet paper roll holder – You’re so hot I can barely control myself

* When you bring me home one of those XL bags of Mini Eggs and a bottle of wine… just because you know I’ve had one of those day! – Oh you wild, sexy beast! 

* When you offer to be the Designated Driver – yes, yes and YES!!!

You see honey, for us women, it’s not (always) about the physical aspect! We are emotional beings! We don’t need hot sexy outfits  or to be touched in a certain way to get in the mood. The sexiest thing ever is knowing we have a partner in crime and someone who has our backs!

Disclaimer: This isn’t a note to my husband asking him to step it up! In fact, according to this list, I am the most turned on girl in town!

Happy Friday Blog Lovers!

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