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So, I’m not going to lie, this feels weird. There is something about talking about money that is just ummm, uncomfortable. I’ve hummed and haa’ed about writing this post for a few weeks now and I’ve decided to just go for it, because well, you’re asking!

When I first started this blog, it never occurred to me that it would grow into a business. In fact, I didn’t really think that anyone would read it.

I thought my posts may grace the screens of a few family and friends – but other than that, it was mainly just an outlet for me.

But then, as time went on, I started receiving emails from fellow stepmoms thanking me for opening up the conversation and providing a positive yet authentic outlet about the realities of step-parenting and blended family life.

Apparently I wasn’t the only who who thought that the ratio between online support and resources for motherhood vs step-motherhood was kind of, errrr, b*llshit. 

Before I knew it I was spending my nights in my inbox,  providing stepmoms from all over the world with support and advice, and well my two cents on how they should take control of their life.

I guess you could say I was essentially coaching them through the challenges that come with being a stepmom, but really, I just felt like I was being a friend.

Since day one my commitment has been to be authentic, raw and real about the challenges that come with step-motherhood, motherhood and blending a family. Actually, I’ve been committed to being authentic, raw and real about all the things!

The overarching goal of this online platform is to support women to thrive amongst the extra stressors that come with blended family life, and and show that it is entirely possible to live a KICK-ASS life amongst the curve balls that life throws their way. 

I’m getting a bit off topic here, but for the record, I do firmly believe that YOU and only YOU are responsible for the outcome of your life.  As this online platform has evolved, it’s always comes back to that!

First, before I get into the three ways I generate income from my blog, I need to say one thing. If you want to make money from a blog, you should know that (for most people) it is a slow build. It takes time. You have to build a community, build trust and create A LOT of content for free. You can’t be doing it for the money.

In fact, even when you start to make money, most of what you are doing doesn’t come with a paycheque!

You have to have a strong WHY, and a passion to connect, inspire or do whatever it is that you’re doing via your online platform. You also have to be prepared to do the work!

There is this misconception that blogging and creating videos online is always easy and fun. Sure there are perks to the job  (like attending THIS conference) but there is also a lot of blood, sweat and tears and A LOT of no’s!

(To give you an idea, I have spent up to 8 hours editing ONE single video… when you have no experience doing something, figuring it out on your own takes time!)

Lately, I’ve been getting asked A LOT of questions about how I’ve turned this passion project into a business. (For the record, it’s still so weird for me to say that out loud).

I’ve always been straight up and honest with you about everything, so today, with full transparency, I’ve decided to share how exactly I make money from writing blog posts, posting on instagram, doing online videos and connecting with all of you!

Before I dive in, I want first say thank-you to every single one of you! I couldn’t do what I do without your likes, comments, shares and website visits. The fact that you trust my for advice, support and inspiration is the hugest honour ever. I literally thank my lucky stars for this online community every single day! Without you guys… there would be no THIS!

Alright let’s get to the goods!


As a content creator I often get the opportunity to create content in partnership with different brands and businesses.

If you’re hanging out on instagram or Facebook you’ve probably seen bloggers and Instagrammers post photos with products that have the hashtag #ad or #sponsored in the captions. This means that person has created that content in partnership with that brand. This means that they have been paid to post about that particular product or service. 

Now, so many people look at sponsored posts and ads as unauthentic. They think that the content creator has “sold out”.

I want to address that misconception REAL QUICK.

It’s not true.

Most content creators are VERY picky about their partnerships and the brands they work with – personally I only work with brands actually use and legitimately support and believe in!

For example, I am currently in partnership with Catelli Pasta…  I also eat Catelli pasta every single week and have eaten it every single week since I can remember! To it makes perfect sense to work together!

Another example is a recent partnership with Hello Fresh… if you follow along on Instagram you’ll know that my meal prep has gone by the wayside lately and we’ve been flying by the seat of our pants at dinner time! Hello Fresh is sends pre planned meals directly to our house, and has been the perfect solution to our problem… so naturally I have partnered with them to spread the word about this amazing meal planning solution for families! (for the record I was NOT paid to say any of that)

Through Instagram stories and social media posts, I am constantly sharing my favourite products and offerings with you, because if I love them I think you’ll love them too! If I partner with a brand, they’re a brand I want you to know about!

In the spirit of being FULLY transparent – when you like, comment and engage with my (and other. content creators) branded content… you’re helping us continue to create content and do what we do. Brands want to see engagement on these photos, so by showing some online love you’re essentially helping us pay our bills… So when I say I appreciate every like, comment and share … I REALLY appreciate every like, comment and share! 


As a Virtual Life Coach with a specialization in Stepfamily Dynamics, I work one-on-one with  stepmoms to help them navigate their way through the extra stressors that come with being a stepmom.

Like I said about, essentially my goal is to show you that YOU and only YOU are in charge of the outcome of your life – and that it is entirely possible to thrive amongst the extra stressors that come with being a stepmom and blending a family… even when it gets REALLY complicated

It doesn’t matter how other people around you are acting or reacting, if you want change, it’s all on you! Helping other women realize this, and  feel more in control of their life literally lights me up inside.

To be sp
ecific, the most common areas I support stepmoms in are:

  • setting and sticking to boundaries

  • developing a positive relationship with stepchildren

  • getting on same page as their husband about rules, discipline and how they will run their home

  • improving communication within their marriage

  • conflict resolution

  • dealing with a high conflict ex-wife

  • creating and implementing effective co-parenting plan

  • and much more…


The KICK-ASS Stepmom Project is a self-directed e-course I’ve created for stepmoms with all of the tips, strategies and mindset shifts that I used to transform my own stepfamily life.

If you’ve been following along for any length of time, you’ve probably heard me tell the story of how one day, shortly after our wedding, I found myself sitting on our bathroom floor with a glass of wine wondering what the heck I was thinking marrying a man with three kids and an ex-wife.

Despite being madly in love with my husband and three stepchildren, I felt IN OVER MY HEAD. I was struggling with the transition, I was struggling to find my place and I felt like I has no idea what I was doing (because I didn’t)

But when I went to the internet for support I was disappointed with what I found. I found a lot of b*tching, a lot of complaining, a lot of stepmoms blaming everyone else for everything that was going on in their life – it just didn’t resonate. So after doing a lot of work on myself, and my family (and acquiring a few different certifications) I combined my personal experiences (as a child of divorce and a stepmom) with my professional experience (as a Child Protection Worker, Life Coach and Educator) and created the type of support that I was looking for that night!

The course consists of an e-book, 8 modules with 14 plus videos, and exclusive online community of women in the program and is designed so that it will benefit any stepmom, in any stepfamily dynamic! You can find all the details HERE!

Well, that pretty much sums it up – that’s how I am able to spend my days connecting with you, while still helping to put food on our able!

Hey, if you happen to have any questions about blogging or building an online brand, I’m happy answer any questions that you have! Just leave them in the comments below and I’ll be sure to get back to you!

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