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Jamie has an excellent grasp on how to gently guide others on positive step-parenting. She shares personal experiences and also offers advice on handling conflict or random situations that will inevitably pop up in the step-parenting role. Her ability to also focus one-on-one and in group settings is phenomenal – and I especially appreciate that her focus is based on positivity and resolution rather than a forum for ranting or bashing. I highly recommend her!
— Jennifer Borri-Farmer | Blogger at Lemons into Vodka
I always enjoy reading Jamie’s blog and learning from her view on stepparenting and stepfamily dynamics. I also absolutely LOVED being part of The KICK-ASS Stepmom Project and would highly recommend it to any stepmom looking for support and a positive environment. Jamie is great at showing why empathy is so important and how you can create the best stepmom life for you, whatever your circumstance might be.
— Gina Broere | Blogger at “How to Stepmom”

The thing I love about Jamie is that she has this amazing ability to provide excellent support and top-notch strategies while also being approachable, fun and relatable. She walks-the-talk in every way, sharing openly and honestly about her personal experiences with a focus on solutions and strengths. Her style is uplifting and empowering, arming other mothers with the practical tools they need to thrive.
— Kelly Bourne | Georgetown, Ontario
Jamie’s blog and resources are some of the best I’ve come across in this journey into stepmother-hood! Even though blended families are common, I quickly realized I knew nothing about the realities of being a stepmom outside of the stereotypes of either the evil fairytale stepmom or the young, dumb stole-someone’s-husband stepmom. Since those two don’t fit most of us, it’s so good to have some people out there who aren’t afraid to speak the truth and share the good the bad and the ugly! Most of it is good, and I love that Jamie focuses on that, but she doesn’t shy away from the “cold hard truths” of stepparenting either. Jamie’s blog and page helps me feel so much less alone!!!
— Erin Kester | Tulsa, Oklahoma
I came across The Poptart Diaries one night when I was anxiously trying to find some positive feedback or success stories about young stepmoms on the internet. I was getting worried because I felt like everywhere I looked, I found negative stories about being the “wicked stepmom”. but the second I opened up The Poptart Diaries I felt completely relieved. I felt like someone truly understood what I was going through, I was thrilled. I emailed Jamie and I got the most heartfelt response ever. We talked regularly and she gave me some amazing advice that I will never forget. She was the friend I needed at the time I can’t thank her enough for that. She reassured me through rough times and listened when I was worried about the unknown future. She is a great coach and without her I don’t know where I Would be. I highly recommend Jamie to anyone entering a relationship with a single dad or considering a role as a stepmom. Step parenting can be tricky some days but at the end of the day blood isn’t what a family is made of; love is
— Megan | Edmonton, Alberta
My one on one conversation with Jamie took place during a very stressful time in our blended family journey. I’d been married for 1.5 yrs and we were smack in the middle of a court process trying to gain primary custody of two boys, ages 7 and 8. I married into a 50/50 parenting schedule and had a lot to learn! … My call with Jamie came on a day like many days before it, when I had been crying and overwhelmed and ready to throw in the towel on both the marriage and parenting. She validated the hurt I was feeling while not sugar coating that I wasn’t going to wake up one day and find everything to be different. She gave me some tools to process the things I was being asked to face while encouraging me that I had the strength to go on. That one hour felt like it lasted a thousand because I walked away from that conversation with validation, encouragement, and feeling equipped to persevere. Nothing changed in my situation in that hour but what did change was my ability to accept my situation and have a positive perspective about it.
— Sarah | Georgia, USA
… Jamie is warm, relatable and has a great sense of humour, which can be so refreshing when you’re in the midst of stepfamily stressors. Jamie will no doubt provide incredible support for stepfamilies
— Jenna Korf, Certified Stepfamily Coach, Author of “Skirts at War: Beyond Divorced Mom/Stepmom Conflict” | New York

I was introduced to Jamie Scrimgeour’s blog The Poptart Diaries by a friend who thought we had a tonne in common.She was right. Jamie and I are in almost the exact same situation and it was beyond comforting to read through her blog posts and be able to breathe a little easier. Jamie is honest but loving to all her readers. It is so refreshing to hear the truth about step parenting raising kids, and her relationship with her husband instead of the cookie cutter answers that so many people give out. Step Parenting is one of the hardest jobs on this planet, I never gave it much through until I became one. There is so many angles you have to come at on a daily basis, that can leave you feeling alone, scared and feeling like failure. Jamie’s advice and honest words allow me to stop taking it so seriously and know that I am not in this crazy co-parenting boat alone. Many thanks to The Poptart Diaries!
— Tracy | London, Ontario
Stumbling upon the Poptart Diaries, for me, has been the discovery of a lifetime! It’s funny how things tend to fall in your lap at times they are needed. I came across The Poptart Diaries one day while on Facebook, a friend had shared one of Jamie’s posts. THANK YOU FRIEND! I have enjoyed reading the pieces on parenting and more specifically step parenting. It’s always a relief to find out you are not alone in what ever circumstance you find yourself in. I reached out to Jamie personally and received some great feedback. She demonstrates candour yet compassion for your situation. I thank you for your openness and for even following up with me to see how things were going.
— Monica | London, Ontario

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