One-on-One Support

You’re going to love this individualized program.
It’s perfect for someone looking for an individualized, one-on-one, solution-focused support

How It Works

Choose between the 1 Session Package and the 6 Week Package
Upon Registration, you’ll receive a Pre-Session Questionnaire
You tell me exactly where you’d like to see change, and I’ll tailor your program accordingly! 
We will then schedule your first coaching session via FaceTime, Skype or Telephone

What You’ll Get

It’s Time To Thrive – 3 Session Package 

* 3×30-60 minute Video Coaching Sessions
* Personalized Coaching & Support
* A written summary of your sessions & recommendations

It’s Time To Thrive – 1 Session Package 

* 1 50 minute Video Coaching Session
* Personalized Coaching & Support
* 1 two-way follow up email one week after package is completed

$149 USD

$399 USD


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