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Each month in The Exclusive Stepmom Community, Jamie interviews and expert in the stepfamily space. These are raw, real, next level conversations that most aren’t comfortable having on social media.

Those Professionals and Influencers are:


Naja Hall, Jamie Scrimgeour Recommended Experts

Naja Hall

Naja founded Blended and Black, a solution based platform dedicated to mending and blending stepfamilies. Her goal is to start conversations about broken families and bring awareness to how they affect our community. She provides families and individuals the tools by which they can learn to form a more cohesive system, free of the drama that usually surrounds divorce, separation and remarriage. Naja had a successful 2019 launch of her membership community exclusively for stepmoms called VIPStepmom.

Naja runs Blending School, hosts a popular weekly podcast, contributes written and video content and she provides a host of professional services for Blended family members.

Learn more about Naja here.

Featured Interview: Setting Boundaries

Kate Chapman, Jamie Scrimgeour Recommended Experts

Kate Chapman

Kate is the founder of This Life in Progress, and the creator of the highly-acclaimed Total Coparenting Transformation course. She is a coparenting expert, an award-winning blogger, an experienced executive coach, and a widely published author with a deep background in psychology and sociology.

Learn more about Kate here,

Featured Interview: How to be A Disengaged Stepmom


Leanne Townsend

Leanne is a multifaceted entrepreneur and attorney experienced in the areas of family law and domestic violence.

She provides a full range of family law legal services in addition to running workshops and other programs to support people as they go through divorce.

Learn more about Leanne here.

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Brenda Ockun, Jamie Scrimgeour Recommended Experts

Brenda Ockun

Brenda is the founder and publisher of StepMom Magazine, a monthly, online publication and private support community for any woman who dates, lives with, or is married to someone who has kids. An OG stepmom herself, Brenda knows first hand the challenges that come with the title and commits to bringing her readers the most comprehensive, informative, and solution-oriented resource available.

Learn more about Brenda and Stepmom Magazine here.

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Mary T. Kelly

Mary T. Kelly, M.A. is a marriage and family psychotherapist and writer who has been specializing in working with women who are dating, partnered with or married to men with children, step-couples and stepfamilies for over 15 years. She has a private practice in Boulder, Colorado and also works with clients through Skype or FaceTime domestically and internationally. Additionally, Mary runs support groups, both face-to-face in Boulder and online. She is a contributing writer for Huffington Post and Stepmom Magazine.

Learn more about Mary here.

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Shelly Ware

Shelly is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Coach and Educator and the founder, and owner of The Counseling Clinic.

She has a passion for helping women during key milestones in their lives such as Dating , Motherhood, Stepmotherhood and striving for a life/work balance. She helps women on their level up journey to help them empower themselves by encouraging self-love, healthy communication, mental wellness, sisterhood and community.

Learn more about Shelly here.

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Shelly Ware - Jamie Scrimeour Recommended Expert

Erin Careless, Jamie Scrimgeour Recommended Experts

Erin Careless

Erin became a stepmom when she met her partner Matt in 2014. That same year, she became a Certified Stepfamily Coach and founded Steplife as a way to share her experiences and provide support to other women navigating stepfamily life. Erin and Matt married in 2015, and in addition to her stepson Oliver and Stepdaughter Waverleigh, they are parents to Grace and Finn.
Erin’s PhD research is on stepmothering, and it is her passion to empower stepmoms to find the role in their family that works for them.

Learn more about Erin at here.

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Michaela Bucchianeri, Jamie Scrimgeour Recommended Experts

Michaela Bucchianeri

Michaela Bucchianeri, PhD, LP, is a licensed clinical psychologist and copywriter. She helps health and wellness professionals get clear on their unique value, communicate it with heart, attract and serve the people they love working with most, and actually have fun along the way! When she’s not sharing marketing and communication guidance on her website or on Instagram, she’s spending time with her husband and two stepsons… most likely at a hockey rink. 

Learn more about Michaela here.

Featured Interview: Tackling Stepmom Anxiety

Amy Bernhard, Jamie Scrimgeour Recommended Experts

Amy Bernhard

Amy Bernhard is a wife, step-mom to her 8-year old son, mom to her 2-year old daughter, entrepreneur, public speaker, social media guru and author of ‘The 5-Step Plan For Getting Unstuck and Crushing Life”. Amy specializes in a number of different areas including motherhood, entrepreneurship, time management, communication in relationships, building income with social media, personal growth and achievement and more.

Learn more about Amy here.

Featured Interview: Grieving As A Stepmom

Marni Pernicia, Jamie Scrimgeour Recommended Experts

Marni Pernicia

Marni is an Estate Planning Lawyer with one of Canada’s premier business law firms, Aird & Berlis. Marni offers thoughtful and effective planning for clients ranging from young families who are just starting out to multi-generational families who are looking for effective ways to transition assets to the next generation. Marni enjoys navigating the complexities that arise in complicated and layered family structures, such as the dynamics that are present in blended families.

Learn more about Marni here.

Featured Interview: Estate Planning in Blended Families

Alyson Schafer, Jamie Scrimgeour Recommended Experts

Alyson Schafer

Alyson is an Adlerian family counsellor, author and internationally acclaimed expert who empowers families by sharing her principles, rules and tools for raising co-operative and resilient kids. Armed with years of research, clinical and field experience, Alyson can provide a new, positive understanding of your current family dynamic with actionable solutions that will give you the hope and confidence needed to transform your family.

Learn more about Alyson here.

Featured Interview: School, Disrespect + Different Parenting Values

Ron Deal

Ron L. Deal is a bestselling author, licensed marriage & family therapist, podcaster, and popular conference speaker who conducts “laugh and learn” marriage and family seminars and professional training around the country. He specializes in both marriage enrichment and stepfamily education.

Learn more about Ron here.

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Jamie Scrimgeour - Recommended Experts - Ron Deal

Kristen Wilkinson - Jamie Scrimgeour Recommended Experts

Kristen Wilkinson

Kristen Wilkinson is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in women’s issues, young adult transitions, anxiety, depression, divorce, stepfamilies, perfectionism, eating concerns, and bariatric psychological evaluation. She believes fully in the power of self-compassion and acceptance and uses this lens when working with clients. Kristen is an expert on The Sleeper Effect, a phenomenon that focuses on daughters whose parents divorced during their childhood and are experiencing delayed negative effects relating to their ability to establish love, intimacy, and commitment to marriage and parenthood.

Learn more about Kristen here.

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