12 Reasons Why Stepmoms Should Join The Exclusive Stepmom Community


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Not familiar with The Exclusive Stepmom Community. Here’s who it’s quickly becoming the top resource for stepmoms who want to thrive amongst the extra stress that comes with stepfamily life.

1. It’s a safe place off of social media where stepmoms can connect with women from all over the world. You don’t have to worry about the wrong person seeing your post. It’s a safe place to be vulnerable and get the support you need.

2. You can ask me anything and get individualized coaching and support in the ASK JAMIE section of the forum and on the live Q+A. This is the perfect option for someone who is seeking support but doesn’t want to invest in a coaching package.

3. You get a copy of my monthly online magazine for stepmoms, The Stepmom Exclusive 
It’s an online magazine for stepmoms, NOT just about being a stepmom.

Designed by Missy Bockmaster

4. You get access to interviews with all the best stepfamily experts.

Interviews include 

  • How To Save Money On Lawyers Bills
  • How The Love Languages Improve Your Stepfamily Life
  • Wills + Estate Planning in Blended Families 
  • How To Deal With A High Conflict Ex
  • How To Stop Competing With The Ex
  • Stop Being A Co-Dependent Stepmom
  • Finances and Stepmom Life 
  • How To Set Boundaries In Your Relationship 
  • Creating A Sleep Routine When You’re Co-Parenting    and more… 

5. Life Changing Support For Less Than A Burrito
For the cost of less than a burrito and a drink, you have access to coaching, support and community at a price that doesn’t make you feel like you need to be in it every day. We’re here when you need us but there’s no pressure to be in the community on a regular basis.
(You’re worth more than a burrito right?)

6. You get access to unfiltered podcast episodes with me and my husband Darren.
If you like our podcast episodes on The KICK-ASS Stepmom Podcast, you’re going to love these ones. This is where we get REALLY real about what’s happening behind the scenes.

7. Speaking of coaching packages, members get 20% off.
If you sign up for a 6-week package you’ve paid for your membership and then some. 

8. The forum has a unique section for different stepfamily dynamics.
Every stepfamily dynamic is different – there is no one size fits all approach. In this community there is a space for everyone. If you’re a childless stepmom there is a section for you. A full-time stepmom there is a section for you. If you’re prepping for court, if you’re dealing with a high conflict ex, if you’re struggling with boundaries – there’s a section for you!

This is where you can find people who get you AND who get what you’re going through.

9. LIVE monthly Q+A with me (and often a guest)
I like to bring in different experts, because like I always say, there is no one size fits all approach.

10. It’s completely anonymous.
You can change your name in the forum. No one needs to know who you are. You also don’t need to worry about your post showing up in the wrong person’s newsfeed.

11. You get access to conversations and content that I don’t share anywhere else.

12. Its solution focused.
This is not a space for vent sessions. No more basking in the negativity. This space is about tips, strategies and mindset shifts so that you can thrive amongst the extra stress… not just complain about it


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